Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Conversations with a six year old

"When I go to the beach I'm going to go bananas! "

"When I'm eleven I'm going to be as tall as my mom."

{Jaguar Commercial}
"Yeah I'm getting that car!"

{Driving in car}
Riley: It smells like farts!
Daddy: It's tires....

Riley: You know who has the biggest feet?
Mommy: Who?
Riley: God!

{Driving in car}
Mommy to Daddy: You better stop while you are ahead you keep digging yourself into a hole.
Riley: What are you guys talking about?
Daddy: Mommy's being sassy and I'm being sassy back and she doesn't like it. 
Riley: Maybe you should just stop talking and just enjoy the ride. 

{A place for mom commercial}

Riley: I need that!
Mommy: ..... {turns to her} For what?!
Riley:....... For you.

{Cleaning up room}
Mommy: Riley what's this? {beads in a cup}
Riley: It's from your bracelet.
Mommy: So you broke it and hid it from me?
Riley:.......I was pretending it was soup!

{Playing dress up} 
Riley: Mommy you look beautiful with those earrings!
Mommy: Thank you.
Riley: You should take your hair down because you're too beautiful I can't look!

Riley: Why do you like Ariel so much?
Mommy: I think it's because it was my first favorite movie...The Little Mermaid.
I think it came out when I was born.
Riley: That's really old!.....Like really, really, really, really, old, old, old, old!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Family Pictures

While we were on vacation cross the country we planned to do some family photos along the way. We usually get them done in California. This time we opted for a different feel and location so decided to do it in Nashville. P.S we LOVED Nashville!! Here are a few of my favorites shot by my awesome friend Kathleen Clipper taken at the Shelby street Bridge


Little Man

Shoes: TjMaxx
Shirt: Target
Pants: OshKosh {baby b'gosh}

Dress, Jacket, sandals:

Shirt: Target
Pants: PacSun

My outfit:

Shirt: {similar}
booties: {similar}

Monday, July 13, 2015

Mommy Mondays {hush little baby}

Hey guys I know it's been awhile!
We have had a long vacation and move to hawaii!! But we are finally here and moved into our new house. It's been a slow process but we are finally getting everything in it's new place and it's starting to feel homey. I will be blogging a ton of new stuff soon. Vacation, family pictures and of course hawaii! So please check back!

So my little monkey is turning 7 months this week! Already !! I know it's not fair how fast it's going.
A huge milestone for us is making it this far exclusively breastfeeding. Longer than I did with Riley. He is now a 14lb chunky little man. It took us a bit to get into our groove. It ended up being a lot easier than I thought it would be. But now we face the challenge of sleep. This kid still doesn't sleep through the night. He still sleeps right next to me in the pac n play. Now that we are in Hawaii I plan on setting up his room finally. I never had this issue with little miss. She was in her own room by this time. Some people have suggested his tummy isn't full enough. I tried baby food and nursing him and he still doesn't really sleep. The Dr said that it's more for comfort that he is waking up throughout the night. Have there been any things you may have tried that worked?

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

{conversations with a six year old}

Riley{Talking to friend}: Do you know Beethoven?? He was a real person 
Wanna hear his fifth symphony it's soo cool !

Riley: How come you can't fly a kite In traffic ?

Riley {on the phone with Daddy}: Daddy I wish you were here... So you could feed me. 

{Playing Restaurant}

Mommy: What's with the phone?

Riley: In case I get a text

Mommy: From who? Do you have a boyfriend?

Riley: No from daddy 

Riley: It's the statue Olivia!!!

Parents singing: Whoop there it is! Come on Riley sing it

Riley: No I'm not going to sing it

Mommy: Shakalaka

Riley: I guess mommy is a big fan of this song
.... This is terrible change it !! 

{Riley playing in car with boy}
Put my scooter in the back
And turn up the music really loud !!

{Riley talking to baby brother}
Are you trying to do business?
Are you trying to do business ?
.....uh huh are you trying to poop?
I'm going to call you wetter your real name is Caleb but im  going to call you wetter like a kidder .....mmmm I'm going to call you kidder that's someone who jokes around.
Look at your little hands why are you attacking me? 

Riley:Look at my shiny legs 

Riley to parents: Can you be quiet I'm trying to focus on my shoe!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

{Copycat Tuesday} Fashion Bloggers

It's hard for me to get inspired lately. Especially when I'm not where I would like to be weight wise. I'm constantly reminded by people that I just had a baby. But I'm in that obnoxious transitional period. Where nothing old fits right and you don't like the way anything new fits. Let's just say I'm really tired of leggings. They have gotten old. So I'm on a mission to get inspired! With all this nice sunny weather and moving soon to a new place. I plan on keeping an eye out for new things and starting fresh. Hopefully I will be bringing some new stuff for you soon. Until then let's just have some fun with Copycat Tuesday! This one is by one of my fave fashionistas Lua from

Shop my Outfit:

Top: {Similar}
Purse/Booties: {exact}/{Similar}
Jeans: {Similar}

Monday, April 27, 2015

{Mommy Monday} Breastfeeding, the struggle is real!

I knew that when I got pregnant I was going to exclusively breastfeed. At least for a whole year. I breastfed Riley but because of slow weight gain they suggested I supplement formula. Being a young mom at the time I didn't question it and just have her the bottle. Then I got my wisdom teeth pulled and miscommunication with medication I couldn't breastfeed. She didn't want it anymore. I only got 5-6 months out of it. I even tried pills and tea to help me get my "milk" groove back. Nothing worked I was done. So I swore this time around it would be nothing but the boob juice. While there is nothing wrong with formula I am just a firm believer in the idea of "breast is best". I don't have the best health at all. My allergies turn into full blown colds that lasts for weeks. I am no
 stranger to an emergency room either. I want my kids to have the best they possibly can so I vote for boobies all the way. 

In the beginning I was on a roll he was gaining lots of weight and was good to go. I got permission at his two month check up to go a little longer between feelings. He went a little bit longer than every three hours. Sometimes as long as seven hours at night. I was grateful for the sleep for sure. If you know me you know I love me some sleep! Then he started spitting up... Like a LOT! After every feeding like everywhere and so much of it. I was told it was cause he was getting too much milk. So I backed off and started giving him one at a time at each feeding. 

Fast forward to his four month check up this last week. He had lost weight! He went from 9.6lb in February to 9.2 in a matter of two months. Let's just say I felt like a failure. One of the worst feelings is not being able to give your child what they need. It can be extremely frustrating and emotional. The dr again suggests supplementing formula. So I went out and bought some after our appointment. I  brought it home and wanted to cry. Here I was again not being able to give my child what they needed. So I stopped and practically slapped some sense into myself and texted another breastfeeding mom who gave me some tips. I decided to listen to my instincts and not what the dr said and here we are a week later extremely exhausted but gaining weight luckily. We immediately started nursing every 1-2 hours even at night. We are running a marathon and I'm surprised I am can even stand up straight. There have been moments at night where I can't even open my eyes. I've wanted to give up so bad. I've wanted to just give in and give him a bottle and get some rest. I just keep reminding myself to take one day at a time. One feeding at a time.

Breastfeeding is a hard job but so worth it. I'm really pushing through and trying to make it eight more months without formula. It's definitely a day by day experience. Some days are hard some days are slightly harder and some days are a breeze. Usually the days where I can sit on the couch all day and be a breastfeeding slave. But we are making it work. We are a mommy-baby team. I believe we can make it to the other side!

I've also been looking into lots of breastfeeding super foods.

Leafy greens
Nuts {not so much, but I'm trying}
I even looked into lactation cookie recipes. Cause I mean come on who doesn't love a good cookie!
Any other ideas you can send my way feel free to leave a comment!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Mommy Mondays: Props to the Single Mom

I am wrapping up my very long 2 1/2 weeks as a single mom today. 
Being a military wife we have constant "single mom"days, weeks, and months at a time. 
With one kid I had a small taste, a tiny little glimpse of what it is like to be a single mom. But this was the first time alone with two kids.
Let's be real folk! No one is perfect and there are no perfect moms. I don't like the different stereotypes there out there. Or the constant mom judging that goes on on a regular basis. I know we've all been judged and I know we've all done some judging. But one thing I learned this time around. That infamous phrase that has been passed down through generations is so true. "Don't judge a person until you've walked a mile in there shoes."

....And let me tell you my feet are tired!!! I am so burned out this time around that I can't even imagine how moms do it with more than two kids. 
If you don't know what it's like to be a stay at home mom or even a stay at home mom/blogger/entrepreneur/photographer/home-schooler or whatever your vice may be. Let me give you a glimpse into our world. 

It's not always good days. 
It's not always hair curled and makeup done.
It's not always well-behaved children.

In fact I'm not sure I curled my hair the whole time. I barely wore any makeup and most certainly did not always have well behaved children. I do not always have it all together. I'm sure I'm not the only one either. I know it can't completely come close to being like this but sometimes I compare being a stay at home mom/mom in general to being on deployment. It's quite often a war zone sometimes not near death of course but playing referee to kids all the time can be exhausting. But I think it's mainly the on edge feeling. Being a mom you can't really let yourself relax.You have to be ready at a moments notice to jump out of bed to tend to a crying baby or child. With a newborn you are afraid to fall asleep in case they stop breathing, roll on their stomach, pull a blanket over their face. You have to be ten-twelve steps ahead of your child. Constantly thinking of consequences and different scenarios of a child hurting themselves. A million and one things can happen when you turn away to take a drink or bite to eat. Even take a shower or go to the bathroom. You can't be selfish even in the tiny bit. I wake up every morning doing my children's bidding. Feeding them, cleaning up after them. Being pulled in a million different directions. When I said we live on edge...I mean on EDGE!!! 

I am so blessed beyond measures to have the husband that I do. He cooks dinner/breakfast, he does dishes, he changes diapers, he brings me chocolate when I'm literally going insane. I'm glad that I have him. But some do not have a team-mate to tag in on those crazy days. So this one goes out to all the single moms/parents. They meet each day being brave and fearless. They keep it together not only for themselves but for those babies. They continue on most of the time without getting any kind of break. I salute you Mom's!!

So do something nice for a single mom/parent out there today.
They most certainly need it!