Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Conversations with a Five-year old

Photo by Kristen Booth

I am constantly amazed at the interesting things that come out of this little girls mouth. She is one smart cookie!

Riley: I have a disk in my brain that writes down everything I eat.
Mommy: Really?
Riley: Yep!

Mommy: Do you how you get to heaven.
Riley: You die
Mommy: haha I mean before that. You believe in Jesus and accept him into your heart.
Riley: Right...then you die.
Mommy: haha Yes

Mommy: How much do you love me?
Riley: {opens arms big}
Mommy: That's a lot! Don't you love me more than that? I love you more than anything. 
Riley: I love you more than grass!
Mommy: Grass hmmm?
Riley: More than houses, more than signs.
Mommy: I sure hope so! 

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Things I'm loving

It's finally here!! Warm summer nights, our first grill of the season on our new grill and rompers with big sweaters. Not to mention the fact that I'm wearing sandals! Yes! My toes can finally breathe. They can finally be painted and shown off for all to see. Having a fantastically lazy day with my little family. After spending too much time in target while Riley went through every single pair of shoes in the shoe aisle looking for her Easter shoes. 
Then an spontaneous ice cream date. Which was a blast and way too big for us to finish! Have a happy weekend! 

Friday, April 11, 2014

{Fashion Friday} Lace and Floral

I'm kinda in love with these shorts. At first I was confused on how to even wear them. They are so great for Summer and Spring. They are so light and airy and fun for spring. It has an elastic waste which is really comfortable too. I'm excited for this warm weather. We've been getting ready to enjoy our last summer here. Cleaning up the yard, new patio stuff. I'm excited to start using it all. OH the Bbq's that will be had! My mouth is watering just thinking of it! Can't wait.

Shop My Outfit

Blazer: {similar}
Shorts: {exact}

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Kiss the cook

We tried a new recipe this weekend and it was super easy and tasty. We also had one of our favorites as well. I found Cinnamon Roll waffles on Pinterest of course. One of those pictures that pops up as you are scrolling away. I thought that is the easiest thing ever might as well try it. Basically follow the steps on the pictures and spray the waffle maker with some non stick spray. The only weird thing is the texture. I definitely like the dough'y part of cinnamon rolls and these get flattened and a little stiffer like waffles. But they are still good and faster to make then cinnamon rolls in the oven. You can eat them with your hands too.

Cinnamon Roll waffles

Lasagna Roll ups 
This is by far one of our favorite dinner recipes. It's so easy and fast to make.  We got it from our Taste of home recipe book. It calls for three rolls but you can easily double it up for more people. It also says to use swiss cheese. Which we tried the first time but you can really use any cheese. We prefer to use mozarella cheese and we also switch to turkey pepperoni. You can't really tell the difference. Add some salad and garlic bread and it's time to eat! YUM!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Conversations with a five-year old

Photo by Kristen Booth

At first I wasn't sure if I could keep this up. But Riley just surprises with the little gems that come out of her mouth. I don't think we will be having a problem at all!

Mommy to Daddy: You should have your "I'm bossy" {by Kelis} as your ringtone. 
Riley: I'm Poppsy
Mommy: No, I'm Bossy
Riley: You know who's bossy?
Daddy: Who?
Riley: Daddy!
Daddy: Because I'm the boss. You can tell everybody.
Riley: .....not my friends at school. 

Riley: My farts are silent that means quiet.
Daddy: What did you say?
Riley: None of your business

{Riley playing outside with the neighbors}

Mommy: Riley I can't see you.
Riley {yells back}: Don't worry

Riley: What's wrong mommy?
Mommy: I just miss daddy. I wish he could spend more time with us.
Riley: Here look at this picture that will make you feel better. {points to picture} That's Daddy.
Mommy: Thank you Riley. :)

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Noah and the Review

I usually don't listen to reviews on movies. Not all of them are right. Most of them aren't actually. 
I like to see it for myself and come up with my own opinion of it. 
When I first saw a preview for Noah I was excited. There are a lot Christian based movies coming out lately and that's kind of exciting. I thought since we had the Passion of the Christ there was some hope for Hollywood and their adaptations of these bible stories. 

The more and more I heard about Noah I wasn't so sure about it anymore. A lot of friends were posting how they hated it on facebook, etc. It wasn't until I saw this blog review that it finally changed my mind entirely. 
Every person is different with things they tolerate in movies. But when it comes to a story from the bible as epic and important as Noah. I decided to read it and see what the deal was. There are major spoiler alerts in the blog so beware. 
Apparently, it's directed by an atheist. That doesn't show much promise straight out the gate. In my opinion Hollywood is running extremely low on new ideas so they are pulling them straight from the bible. Doing some kind of hack job to entertain the masses and calling it the "untold story". Of course its untold because it's completely fabricated. If you want the real story read the bible. If you want some cockamamy rendition then go see the movie. 
The link for the review is below. It's definitely a must read if you are on the fence about seeing the movie.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Things I'm loving

Things I'm loving this week
Definitely getting back into the thrifting game. It's been so long! There's something about the lack of snow and warmer weather that gets me back into my projects. My favorite place to go is the local Salvation Army. I get such good deals there. I always find some fun, unique pieces that I can revamp. 
You know I go too much when the employees have made up theories to explain my long absence. 

{1} I'm a hit-woman and got caught and now I am in prison.

{2} Or I have ties to the mob and now am swimming with the fishies at the bottom of the ocean.

They have quite the imagination. HA!

I found this awesome candelabra that I plan on painting. Not sure on a color yet. But I love the potential. It was only $6

Found these awesome random pieces. Two very heavy candlesticks that remind me of the game CLUE. You know Professor Plum did it in the library with the candlestick. And this awesome red vase. $5 each
I guess as a welcome back present. They gave me a bunch of old cameras for my office
and this awesome coffee table for FREE! 
Don't mind the dust. I'm on it!